A day as a local to the heart of Catalonia

Exotic, bright and quaint, Catalonia holds an astounding amount of fascination and appeal for tourists, wanderers and in general, individuals seeking to break out of the monotonous routine of their everyday lives.

Barcelona is the perfect ambassador for the region. The city is a mix of old stone houses and bright coloured buildings that attracts millions of visitors each year.

Barcelona, Spain

You will immediately feel the warmth on its streets under the Mediterranean sunshine.

But Catalonia has so much to offer besides Barcelona and with us you will discover the best off the beaten track experiences!


We invite you to explore one of the most fascinating things in rural Catalonia: the Catalan masia (Country home).

A masia is probably the most iconic building the Catalan countryside: big isolated stone family houses associated with farming or livestock activities.

The owners lived on what they produced on their lands and the right of exploitation have been passing down from parents to children as it was customary from the Middle Ages.

It is so thrilling to find very old masias. Some are dated as far back as the twelfth century! A lot of masias have been transformed into luxury holiday villas and event centres.

the Catalan masia (Country home)


Today you will immerse yourself in rural Catalonia, passing through small towns where local kids run gaily across township streets, demonstrating soccer skills that are out of the ordinary

Your destination: a masia which origins can be traced back to the 12th century and has belonged to the same family for 24 generations!!

A member of this family will discover you the local life and take you for a walk in the surrounding vineyards.

A day in rural Catalonia

You will enjoy a lunch of locally sourced and home cooked food and wine from the grape growing state.

The perfect way of tasting the real local food. Catalan food involves the mixing of things which you would presume do not go well together. An example is found in the famous Mar and Muntany dishes. However, the end product would be so delicious, you’d hanker for more.

Crema Catalan is a famous dessert in Catalonia. It is made of egg yolk, milk and sugar.

Crema Catalan is a famous dessert in Catalonia
The famous Mar and Muntany dishes

The Catalans are very hospitable people with a fascinating belief in romance. Full of hearty laughter and flushed cheeks, they invite you for a meal saying “bon profit”.

You will enjoy a day to the Catalonian countryside an immersive and unforgettable experience!

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